How would Amazon, Apple or Uber run the construction sector?

That’s the question we’ve posed at Pagabo when we’ve been looking to the future of our industry. And that’s why we’ve created the Incubator.

We are the Incubator.

Incubator is our initiative which invests in and guides SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs, enabling them to grow.

Through the Incubator, we will be setting up an investment arm which will look to make early stage investments in start-ups or young companies in the construction sector who have a bias towards the use of technology. We want to promote innovation and lead the way in shaping the future role of technology in the construction sector.


By providing the right support, mentoring and resources, we aim to help get ideas off the ground and make things happen. The Pagabo ecosystem can be a real sand-pit for passionate and driven entrepreneurs to test their ideas.

Social Value

Incubator aims to target start-ups and SME’s who are also conscious of the environment and the community by having an underlying ethos for Social Value.


We're completely open to helping people based in any area of the UK. Whether that's just down the road from our offices in Hull, north of the border in Scotland or way down south in Southampton.